Top 8 Highest Paying Freelance Jobs

Programming And Software Development Freelance Jobs

Congrats if you are starting your freelance jobs carrier this is the one of most preferable jobs of most of the people in 2020 and you are obviously one of them . Freelancing industry has really grown big and while you are starting up , the first thing which comes to ones mind is to search for the highest paying freelance jobs.  In this post we will be discussing about Top 8 Highest Paying Freelance Jobs. I have been working as freelancer for years and even now i do provide freelance services to some of my clients.

But to be very frank it is not the right way to start freelancing if you start searching for the highest paying jobs to decide your category of freelancing because in freelance some people charge as low as 5 bucks for a job for which other experienced freelancers charge around 100 bucks. We shall rather focus on our best skill which we can use to provide our services to clients and later once we are experienced enough we can charge even 1000$ for a single job.

When I started freelancing I use to provide website designing service and initially I use to charge 5 Bucks for a 1 page website on Fiverr. Now I charge around 300$ for a one page website. I wanted to share so that you can understand why using your current skill can generate 10000$ a month. 

However let’s directly dive into highest paying freelance jobs.

Highest Paying Freelance Jobs

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Programming And Software Development

Programming And Software Development Freelance Jobs

Programming & Software Development job is really something which is not made for everyone and hence it becomes one of the highest paid jobs out there in the market and in similiar fashion the freelancers in this category charge a handsome amount even begginers start charging as low as 250$ for a simple code for 1 screen mobile app.

Recent case study about James Knight is inspiration for those who want to start there carrier as a freelance coder. James Knight left job at Google just for freelancing and now he makes double of what he use to get paid by Google and he charges around 1000$ per hour for the same. So if you are a coder and want to start making money freely without getting stuck into loop for 9 am to 5 pm job then freelance carrier is made for you.

However you should make sure that you are really good at coding. If you are not then start learning and improve your skills and start your carrier. 

Average Price Paid 200$-1000$ per hour.

Website Design And Development

Website Design Freelance Jobs

Website design and development is something where I have been personally working as  a freelancer. There is a huge demand out there for freelance website designers and developers.

I made 476$ in my first month of joining Fiverr and in next month I made 1729$ which was approx 4 times of what i made in the first month of joining Fiverr and now even though i am engaged in my other works just by working for around 1-2 hours a day I am making 1700-2000$ each month. 
If you start working as full time freelancer then you can make even 5000$ a month. Website designing in 2020 is something super easy which you can learn and start earning in as less as 30 days.

Average Price Paid  100$-500$ per hour.

Video Marketing

Yeah, Video Marketing with the rise in number of platforms out there for video sharing this gig has become one of the highest paying jobs out there. If you are good at creating videos , animation etc. then Congo! people are waiting out there for you to give their job to you.

A research has proved that people click on video ads more than they click on images you can read full research here. Even before conversions the engagement ratio is higher of videos than images and it has attracted businesses towards demand of video marketing which is obviously good for you.

Average Price Paid  65$ – 100$ per hour.


Content Writing

content writing

Boom content writing is now a days demanded by each and every online business out there and if you are good at writing then you are going to get your inbox flooded with orders. It is one of the hottest fields for freelancers. To become a good writer you need to become a good reader first.

You should have a creative mind to write and present the article in such a way to readers that they really are served with the purpose for what they are reading the article. Once you succeed this means you are good to go and is ready to make 5000$ a month or even more than that.

Average Price Paid  0.25$ Per Word

Graphics Design

If you are good at designing logo , thumbnails , infographics, business cards etc then this can be highest paying job over and beyond what we discussed above.

You will need to have a good vision and imagination skill to become a good graphics designer. I have some of my friends out there on upwork who charge around 30$-80$ per hour depending on the nature of designing work.

Average Price Paid 30$-80$ Per Hour

Search Engine Optimization

search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization is also one of the high paying category the reason why i kept it on 6th position is that here we have option to charge either on project basis or monthly.

Everyone needs on page and off page seo of there website done and this brings the demand for this skill. It is also a time consuming process that’s why most of the people prefer to hire someone rather than doing it on there own.

Reality is even something different this process can be fully automated by use of some sort of tools even. But the fact can’t be changed. For On Page SEO people charge around 300$ for a 5 pages website. Off page seo cost totally depends on the strategy but on an average per project people charge around 1500$ per month.

Video Editors

Video Editors

With increase in the number of platforms like YoutubeTiktok , Facebook , Instagram etc demand for video editors has seen a spike in past few years. On an average a video editor based in US makes 70000$ yearly and experienced editors make around 150000$ per year from editing videos only.

Social Media Manager

Yeah, businesses , celebrities , politicians etc. are brand centered and to make that social media plays an vital role and here comes the role of a social media manager.

As a social media manager you will have to manage the Brand you are working for on social media platforms like Facebook , Instagram , Twitter Etc. You can see the number of businesses around you and yes they are an opportunity for you to start your own carrier as a social media manager unlike other jobs discussed above this does not require any hard and fast skill except the skill to promote and brand your clients businesses. 

On an average a social media manager makes 40000$-70000$ per year.

Wrapping Up

Finally we discussed top 8 highest paying freelance jobs out there. However i will always suggest to focus on the skill you have and then start freelancing using the skill you have.

Freelancing is not a easy money making scheme. It would have bring a nice feeling while you have read that i made 476$ in first month of starting freelance services but the fact behind this 476$ is working for around 16 hours a day which brought me in work and then i was able to scale it 4 times next month. So there is no easy way to make money or there is no quick rich scheme out there. You will need to put in even 10 times more effort to make 100$ in first month than you will have to put in effort to make 1500$ after 4-5 months.

Leaving everything to you with my personal suggestion that work hard in start to earn without working hard in future.

Don’t forget to leave your suggestions on my first post.

Thank You

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    It’s really helpful and informative. People can set career in these specific fields. I’m proud that I’m attached with these freelance jobs and trying to build my career. Thanks for this wonderful guidance article!

  3. Parag Jyoti Lahkar

    Hello Bro, today I watched a old DD News video featuring you. Great job bro. Keep it up. I got the video with the search term “Self-taught programmers in India”, seems interesting na? Do u code also bro?

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